From Loving One to One Love

By applying the principles of A Course in Miracles, we can achieve an experience of love that is beyond anything we can imagine.

We tend to think of relationships as special arrangements made between two people. A Course in Miracles takes a radically different approach. It teaches that relationships are the classrooms in which we learn to awaken to our true nature, which is only love. They are crucibles for enlightenment.

Seen in this way:

•  We don’t “get” love from a partner nor do we have to give up anything in order to get it.

•  We don’t search for it out there in the world.

•  The love comes first, from within, and then infuses all of our relationships, changing their purpose from specialness to union.

•  In order to be open to such love we must do the work that the Course calls “forgiveness.”

•  We release our judgments and grievances about others in the understanding that by freeing them, we free ourselves.


"Dr. Bob Rosenthal’s latest book, From Loving One to One Love, is a delightful exploration of using relationships to find inner freedom and awaken to Divine Love…. Bob’s therapist experiences and articulate examples shine Light on a most profound and adventurous pathway to Truth.”

– David Hoffmeister
Author, This Moment Is Your Miracle trilogy

From Never-Mind to Ever Mind


Robert Rosenthal, M.D., a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles for over forty years, approaches A Course in Miracles from an entirely fresh perspective.

In the forty or so years since A Course in Miracles was first published, it has gained widespread recognition for its pure and uncompromising approach to spiritual truth. The Course can be strikingly beautiful, but also dense and difficult to comprehend. And it is steeped in Christian terminology which some find off-putting, even though its goal is to give those terms new meaning. In this, the first of a five book series on the Course’s teachings, Dr. Rosenthal uses a variety of innovative approaches to help both the beginner and the seasoned student toward a deeper appreciation of the Course’s radically different worldview.

If you’ve only heard of A Course in Miracles and are curious about what it says, or if you’ve tried to study it but given up, then this book will be a big help. If you’re already a dedicated Course student, you will appreciate Dr. Rosenthal’s contribution even more. You will emerge with a better grasp of the Course’s central principle: I am one Self, united with my Creator, at one with every aspect of creation.


From Plagues To Miracles

In From Plagues to Miracles, psychiatrist Robert Rosenthal, M.D. offers a remarkable new understanding of Exodus as a parable of the spiritual journey, in which the figures of Pharaoh and Moses represent opposing aspects of the human mind.

Pharaoh is that part of the mind that sees itself as separate from God and Spirit: the limited ego-mind of A Course in Miracles. Moses represents the part of the mind that is and has always been in full, direct connection with God and Spirit. And the Hebrews represent us—all of us, regardless of religious affiliation. Their trials are a mirror of our own spiritual dilemma as we’re tossed back and forth between ego and Spirit— Pharaoh and Moses, plagues and miracles—while striving to find our way to the Promised Land of inner peace and freedom. Viewed in this way, Exodus becomes a travel guide for the spiritual seeker, a roadmap for navigating the different stages of the spiritual journey—the rough terrain that stands between us and a direct, abiding relationship with Spirit.


"From Plagues to Miracles made the story of Exodus come to life for me in a way that it never had before…. I highly recommend this book, and I congratulate Bob for his unique contribution.”

– Gary Renard
Best-selling author, The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy


These two novels were published by Robert Rosenthal, M.D. under the pseudonym Simon Seth Reede. They are not related to A Course in Miracles. They were primarily influenced by his experiences at the Monroe Institute. He offers them here as an example of his earlier works and for entertainment, not as a Course teaching.

Master's Journey

Book One of the Mastery


Master’s Journey, the first book of The Mastery series is a fast-paced metaphysical thriller involving astral travel, astral thought-forms, demonic possession, dark tantric sex, and the after-death realms.

Sid Solomon, Grand Master of the centuries-old organization of occult practitioners known as The Mastery, sets out on a journey to the far reaches of the astral plane in hopes of preventing war with the Astral Powers.

Dr. Bob Taylor, prominent psychiatrist and developer of an infallible technique for treating multiple personality disorder, encounters a patient who somehow infects him with her own terrifying nightmares.

Tim Wake, a bright young research fellow on Taylor’s psychiatric unit, attends a class in psychic zenzing where he’s seduced by a temptress who could rob him of his life … or worse.

All three are caught up in a web of inter-dimensional intrigue that will tie their fates together, with unimaginable consequences.


Master's Return

Book Two of the Mastery


Master’s Return, the second book of The Mastery series –published by Robert Rosenthal, M.D. under the pseudonym Simon Seth Reede– continues the journey of Sid Solomon, taking him back into the heart of the Mastery to solve the mystery of the YhrsH. Dream-shields, alternate realities, the origin of the gods, the nature of time, and the purpose of consciousness itself—all feature prominently in this unique and innovative metaphysical thriller.

Sid Solomon awakens in the Mastery’s infirmary with no idea how he escaped from the todar and eternal death. Can he and his rival, Lin Kuan, now Grand Master, overcome their mutual distrust to save the Mastery and all humankind?

Dr. Bob Taylor lies comatose, his consciousness inaccessible to the finest of the Mastery’s Trackers, while he and his Guardian appear to live as husband and wife in a sleepy English country village along with their pets, two black dogs with glowing orange eyes.

Tim Wake continues to baffle the Mastery with his uncanny abilities while blocking them from entering his dream-space, aided by seductress Gwen and her secretive Mentor.


Project Ezekial

Robert Rosenthal, M.D. was a screenwriter from 1998 to 2007 during which time he penned seven feature scripts, one of which was optioned twice and later shot, but never finished for lack of funding. He offers a sample of his work here as a free download. The influence of A Course in Miracles is rather obvious.

Synopsis: Ace Navy pilot WYATT is shot down in the Persian Gulf under mysterious circumstances that result in the loss of his best friend and co-pilot, HAL. He is sent to psychiatrist EMILY to help recover his memory of the crash, without success. Seven years later Wyatt accepts an “Above Top Secret” assignment at Area 51 in Nevada test-piloting a psychokinetic alien saucer under the command of Colonel WOLFE.

By some "coincidence," Emily is the base psychiatrist. During a test flight Wyatt hallucinates the voice of Hal and decides to go AWOL rather than risk insanity by flying the saucer again. Emily joins him on the run. But whether she sees him as friend, love interest, patient, or experimental subject, he does not know. When they are finally captured by Wolfe, the only way out is for Wyatt to face his fears and tackle the alien technology once more—in the process battling the Air Force, Colonel Wolfe and the ghosts of his past.